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MES would like to help you to overcome the language and cultural barriers between you and your international business partners.

Your employees are the experts in their fields. We work together with them to ensure that they can apply this expertise in the English language as well.

Murphys English Solutions offers the following services:

Business English Weekend
Spend a weekendf with us in a beautiful country hotel where you will speak English from check-in to check-out. You'll be immersed in the English language, and you'll receive top notch training in business English from native English speakers. Our training is always developed in accordance with your company's needs. But it's not all work!!!  

Weekly Language Training
Interactive and interesting training for groups of 5 to 8 participants. All training is based on current work subjects. Your employees are the experts in their fields. Our trainers are specialized in bringing out the participants strengths in order to learn how to use them in the English language.

1 to 3 Day Company Specific Workshops
Business skills and technical skills, including product presentations, negotiations, effective telephoning and writiing business correspondence, company tours, talking about product details, dealing with complaints, etc. All training is based on current work subjects

Soft Skills Training
Improvement of your employee's intercultural awareness and interpersonal communications abilities. The emphasis here is on international business etiquette and proper behaviour. 

Crash Courses
Intensive situation-oriented training. The target group here is employees who need to attend international business events on short notice (e.g. presentations, negotiations, meetings or trade fairs). 

Personal Coaching
Intensive, objective-oriented one-on-one training. The target group here is employees whose responsibilities require a greater knowledge of the English language.  

Translation Hotline
Our hotline makes it possible for you to receive your translation in a very short time. You dictate your German or English e-mail to our translator and they type your e-mail in teh traget language while you are on the phone. After a short language check you receive your e-mail. You have your e-mail in no time.

Should you have any questions or if you would like to speak to us, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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